Thursday, June 30, 2011

NBA LOCKOUT 2011 -2012 Season


It is a sad day for us NBA Basketball Fans. The National Basketball ASSociation team owners and the the players union just could not find a way to unite their differences.

So it seems this is going to be another 1999 season or worst there could even be no season altogether. At least in 1999, right after Jordan and the Chicago Bulls Dynasty disbanded, there was still what came out to be a short season making way for the very first ring of the San Antonio Spurs.

I guess I will not be able to watch my Lakers this year.

But on a positive note, it allows more time for Kobe and the rest of the tired and injury prone Lakerland to recuperate. Most players will just bum around, but we know how Kobe works. He does not waste his time. He sure is going to let his knee, fingers, lower back and toe heal. He's got so many injuries he was still able to finish the season.

Go Lakers!!! And to you NBA Owners man up! Just pay these guys their dues, you owe it to them that they go to NBA and not to some disheveled leauge in Europe where there is no limit in what they can pay players.

*** Side Note: Laker guard Shannon Brown has opted out of his contract making him an unrestricted free agent. Any team could get to hire him in their front court. This doesn't mean though that he is not a Laker anymore. It is still up to the Lakers if they can give him another offer.


2 comments: said...

pati yung mga nba players may unyon na. tsk.

Gone to the John said...

heheh oo nga eh, san ka nakakita ng Union members na multi-millionaire!!! :D sarap talaga ng buhay nila!

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