Friday, July 1, 2011


Davao is in turmoil nowadays. The flash flood that occurred devastated lives and property. Now is the time for a leader to lead but he or she is leading the leader must also be respected.

The case of Sara Duterte punching the city sheriff is a case of of a leader trying to control a dire situation but was disrespected.

The sudden flood killed more than 30 Davaoeños. Almost all houses by the river banks were damaged. A lot more are in the evacuation center. There are still some missing persons. Everyone is asking that they be given attention by the city government.

The mayor was in the midst of attending to these needs but somehow some one thought that it is more important to demolish shanties than help ease up the effects of the flash flood.

Now, the demolition is very much legal as there was a court order for it to be done. The legal owner of the property where the shanties are located is already claiming the land. Legal. I always frown on squatters who thought that because the land is there, they can just settle and use it as their own even if the land is not theirs. Blame the Lina Law.

The big No No here however is timing when they want to demolish the area. Again the city is already in anguish. All resources are needed by the city government to help the calamity stricken. There is no such thing on the court order as for the exact hour when the demolition should take place. Perhaps it can be delayed for at least a few hours. For a sheriff to think that he is doing right by placing more importance to a demolition of shanties, even if it was pre-scheduled already, is a big dumb-ass idea. There is so much pain in your area of responsibility and yet that is what you put your office resources to? You drag the police who could have been helping secure some of the areas that are directly hit by the calamity. You drag demolition guys who could have instead assisted in making the river side safe again or at least helping damaged houses be repaired to avoid further accidents.

The mayor was actually just asking for another 2 more hours allowance time so she could personally make sure that nothing untoward will happen in the demolition. She could not go to the place right away as she was trying to facilitate the assistance to those who were affected by the flood. But the sheriff do not want to give her that. He disregarded her. Disrespected to say the least. And so what the mayor feared for happened. A riot ensued. A policeman was brought to the hospital. A number of Davaoeños were injured. How do you think would a mayor feel?

Disregarding a humble appeal from the mayor to delay the demolition is like disregarding the fact that there are other people in the community who needs much needed importance. Disrespectful to the mayor, disrespectful to his own anguished kababayans.

If I was the mayor, I would have done the same. That is my opinion on this.

Good job Ms Duterte!


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I don't know the whole story.. I don't watch TV nowadays.. Nakakalungkot lang kasi ang mga balita... But well, based on this post, I think I or we can understand where Sara Duterte's reaction came from. Naging disrespectful na kasi.. and very insensitive to the situation..

But then, she is a public official. Sana she practiced more restraint. People tend to follow leaders who can carry themselves with grace under pressure.. Ayan tuloy, siya pa ang lumabas na masama.. having punched someone in the face, much more a city sheriff. Sana pinag-usapan nang maayos..

My opinion lang naman. Hehe.. :)

Gone to the John said...

heheh well said din po ang punto mo Leah :)

Pepe said...

Taking up position entails great weight, which to say, includes this kind.

leaders, no matter how pressing situations are, should always be watchful of their actions, not primarily for their own self interest, but most importantly to the people who looks up to them.

if punching a face is deemed necessary, by all means do it, but do it with utmost discretion. let it leak after, but at least not in front of your people. invite mo sa private dinner, tapos dun mo sapakin. LOL

Gone to the John said...

I perfectly understand your point. But dont give it too much weight as this is purely my personal opinion as I have my own such experiences.

How many times have I been in such a position when I have to ask for a fight or get into an actual fight as part of my spur of the moment decision while leading? I really dont know anymore. But that is me and that is how I usually deal such situations when I am disrespected. Which is also why I hailed Mayor duterte not because I think her action is redeemable in court but because the way she did it is exactly how I would have done so. Works both ways for me. It angers those who are against me, it comes as awesome to those who are for me. I make it a point though to befriend the one I get into fight with afterwards. After each of these events, I dont experience being disrespected anymore 99% of the time. Barako lang kase hehe.

This is the same reason why wife keeps on asking me not to go into politics or any elective post for that matter.

Differing views... Thanks for dropping by Pepe. Congratulations for that win you mentioned in your blog :)

inn joy said...

this is the truth and real, sherif is not a baby anymore, he knows and understand the 2 hours... what is 2 hours versus 14people injured and 1 policemen? SWAPANG ka SHERIF, you after a money at sinandalan mo lang young court order para may rason ka pero and reality duon is MONEY for sure!!! yan na pala mo!!! thanks john

Gone to the John said...

i am not sure about any money being involved, do not have any idea about that.. my opinion is centered on what is going to be given weight in times of such crisis: rehabilitation / relief operations VS shanty demolition

thanks for visiting inn joy :)

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