Wednesday, June 22, 2011

EXCEL: In Your Face


Let it be said, I did not vote for Pnoy or Noynoy or whatever you want to call him. And that was for a reason. I voted for Gordon. Too bad he lost huhuhu. :P But there was nothing we can do with it when almost 15 million Filipinos thought PNoy being the heir of the Aquinos is good enough a criterion for electing him as the leader we must have. He won, I and my minions (LOLz) accepted, no hurt feelings.

But even so comes the PAINFUL part.

The Stradcom, LTO, Virgie Torres mess has come full circle. The ball is in the hands of the President now. As President, we expect him to give this some careful thought and to seep through every little holes to find the best solution. That is what a President should be doing , right? We do not expect a president to just give an uneducated opinion on a matter of national importance.

But then again, we were proven wrong.

His latest statement about this issue has now gone viral. He was complaining about the huge fee being paid by the government to Stradcom. He then said that instead of going through the system being implemented by Stradcom,


I was like HUWAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!?!?!??!?! SERIOUSLY!!!!??????

This is coming from the President of the Republic of the Philippines? Who is his Secretary for DOST? Can you please give this guy some basic lecture on computes and Microsoft office and then give him the difference on what an actual system database can do in a computerized system vs his simplistic resolution of using Excel.

Man oh man. No wonder why he was not able to pass any law in Congress!

We catch a fish through its mouth. Good thing there it wasn't a fish kill. Kung hindi, na-prito pati tayo. O hindi pa ba?

Hayyys and all we could do is watch... and RANT!

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