Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Updated] Miami slimed green by the Celtics btb Kobe being Kobe

UPDATED: In a champions fashion, the reigning heavyweight Los Angeles Lakers trounced the Houston Rockets in a thrilling come from behind win! Who else is involved in the game winning play? Of course, it is the Black Mamba itself through a slick assist pass to new teammate Steve Blake! (My cousin Ina is surely celebrating right now!!!)

And did I say "Nuf Said" earlier??? Lakers will 3-Peat!!!


This is just quick. Given all the hoopla about Lebrons coming to Miami, the "uninformed" all of a sudden thought that their drive through the season would be easy. Again, I like Wade and Spoelstra, but adding James into the picture just did not put me in a lockjaw moment for the reason that I have mentioned already in some previous posts I made: The LakeShow is "The" Team.

Now, most of you readers would have heard the news already, James attempt at winning started again in futility. They were clobbered by the Defending Easter Conference Champs. They could pile up all the best players in the league in their team but it does not guarantee a winning result. Only 5 players can be on the floor and only one person can have the ball at any given time. And if one of those 5 is LeBoink, man he sure is gonna choke... again! Nuf said!

Lakers will 3-peat!!!

This Lakers cap was given to me after the Lakers won last seasons championship straight from LA. I have it with me while watching todays game. :)

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