Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Family Reunion

When we got home last night, my wife had to jump back and make a double turn, spooked by what she saw as soon as she entered our gate.

I have never seen a manananggal in such a lil wendy hair and smile. Must be some rushed school project is what I thought. This chiz curl inspired creature could have been more of a character straight out of sesame street than one to be used for scare tactics. But still, my scared (pride on the line) wife disagrees. LOL NO worries there, it is almost halloween anyways.

Speaking of November 1, it has been a year since that impromptu reunion and inuman of sorts that our family had in Batangas. It is by tradition that the whole Magti clan will be gathered in the old Lino and Mariquita's abode every All Saints / Souls Day. Typically, the whole family will pray for our dearly departed and then have a salu-salo consist of whatever is put on the table by our Tita Mercing and Tiya Lucing. But last year was different, as it was more special. This was because two memebers of the family were to get married in a few weeks time. Maris was to marry Allexis, while yours truly was to be tied to my now wife. So it was also the day where we were able to introduce the about to be members of the clan to the whole gang. It has never happened before also that after the prayers and the salu-salo there would be an inuman. It started with about 2 to 4 younger members of the clan sitting in a semi-circle with beer at hand. After some time, the elder ones amongst the cousins joined in. It was a night of laughter. It has been a long time since were like that. Last time I think (but without the red horse) was when I was still in gradeschool when our granmother Mariquita was still living and singing songs about the tamarind tree. It was really a fun night with Kuya Jun and Kuya Boy serving as "bangka" while Ninong Gonie through the sponsorship of Kuya Father Alex as "taya". When the night ended, every one realized how memorable it was, that soon talk about doing it again after one year came up.

To be honest, I am excited. I am not sure if it is going to be the same as last years. But still I am looking forward to that day. I just hope I do not have to go to work which would really be a bummer.

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