Monday, October 25, 2010

Back! And No Turning Back!

Whoah! I am welcoming myself back to the blogging world. It has been so long since my last post I could not remember where the New Post button is on this blog. But since I found it already, fun times are back!

I've got lots of things happening to me lately and not just those friendly neighborhood or not-neighborly "inumans". We got to travel some and got to practice a lot of my supposed photgraphy skills as an extra in weddings and prenups. Went out with my family a lot also in the last few months, bonded with my wife, reunited with some close relatives, bought something really pricy but a very good investment, made upgrades on my gear, fb. Woooh! I assure you if I discuss everything, I'd be nuts in no time.

Moving on, I am planning to make this more and more a photoblog. I am really liking shooting streets lately that I'd be posting some shots I took in Boni in the coming days. And since I love shooting lovers, I think you will also see some of my wedding and prenup shots here. But not all photos will be posted as a friend and office mate is already setting me up a website specifically for that genre. DreamVinta is coming guys...

And speaking of, I am also offering back up photography services at least to my friends for now for weddings. I just want to be more familiar with the ins and outs of the job. Recently, some friends allowed us to shoot their prenups. The first one was in Batangas with Melody and Erwin. And about two weeks ago it was Tac and Nanette's. I then went back to Batangas a few days after to cover the actual wedding this time of Melody and Erwin. I want to thank them. A lot of learning and realizations are due. I am planning to be a pro but right now I am not yet there. But I will be.

Good thing that I have yet to meet a fellow photographer who is not keen on teaching a noob like me. At least that is in person, I encountered some online and I think they're just that because it is easier to shy away from teaching a noob shooter online than in person although I have a feeling that if I am face-on talking to that person he would not have second guessed himself and teach me some tricks of the trade. I am not sure, but I have a feeling that each photographer had to start from something and because of this he or she feels obligated to share what he / she learned from those master who came and taught him / her before. And that is cool.
One thing though, they will not teach you any if you are not even keen on reading the manuals of your gear as that is the basic rule. If not you'll only get RTM responses from fellow hobbyists.

So there.. a reborn, the return, the comeback.. whatever you call it.. I am back abd there is no turning back.. tis a new life to crunch out some blog attacks!

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