Friday, July 23, 2010

Lakers Will Defeat Miami Come Next Season


It is the Off-Season so it is not really the time to blog about the Lakeshow... Yeah right!

I'd rather talk about the Lakers than go silly with what is happening in the PBA (PBA what?).I just got so excited with the news that the Lakers are able to acquire Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff. Huwaw! Notwithstanding that Steve Blake signed up already earlier, these are three veterans coming to the fold. And so right here and right now I declare, WE WILL BEAT MIAMI!!!

Ok, so Miami has Wade, LeBoink and Bosh. So what? LA has Kobe and Kobe and Kobe! Add Pau and Fish and Ronron and Will, how's the Heat gonna dry up the Lake? No way Jose!!! Let us just say that even if there is a group of big time playa's plus one con from Akron playing in South Beach, that means nothin'. Hear me? It seems that everyone forgot that such group already exists and at the fore for the last two years in Hollywood. Everyone is saying that Miami is now the favorite. I am like, "HUH!?!"

We are the Champs!!! So give us a break! Will you?

The latest roster according to NBA.COM is as follows:

Lakers Roster

37 Ron Artest F 6-7 260 11/13/1979 St. John's 11
5 Steve Blake G 6-3 172 02/26/1980 Maryland 7
12 Shannon Brown(FA) G 6-4 210 11/29/1985 Michigan State 4
24 Kobe Bryant G 6-6 205 08/23/1978 Lower Merion HS (PA) 14
17 Andrew Bynum C 7-0 285 10/27/1987 St. Joseph HS (NJ) 5
Derrick Caracter ** F 6-9 265 05/04/1988 Texas-El Paso R
Devin Ebanks ** F 6-9 215 10/28/1989 West Virginia R
2 Derek Fisher G 6-1 210 08/09/1974 Arkansas-Little Rock 14
16 Pau Gasol F-C 7-0 250 07/06/1980 Barcelona, Spain 9
28 Didier Ilunga-Mbenga(FA) C 7-0 255 12/30/1980 Kinshasa, DRC 6
6 Adam Morrison(FA) F 6-8 205 07/19/1984 Gonzaga 3
7 Lamar Odom F 6-10 230 11/06/1979 Rhode Island 11
21 Josh Powell(FA) F 6-9 240 01/25/1983 North Carolina State 5
50 Theo Ratliff C 6-10 235 04/17/1973 Wyoming 15
18 Sasha Vujacic G 6-7 205 03/08/1984 Maribor, Slovenia 6
4 Luke Walton F 6-8 235 03/28/1980 Arizona 7

C - Captain
** - Unsigned Draft Pick
(FA) - Free Agent

Now do you see what I mean??? Lakers will 3Peat!!!

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full color business card printing said...

You are funny man! With the addition of Barnes and Ratliff on the Lakers roster, the 3peat is not impossible to achieve. I hope they will not be experiencing some injury on the upcoming season. Rejoice for now and enjoy the championship, and don’t worry about the three kings in Miami the Lake is much deeper than the beach.

magtiblogz said...

I certainly agree man... much much deeper.

Thanks for droppin by!

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It depends..
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