Monday, July 5, 2010

Mood Swings, Night Scenes and PapaJack Prank Call


Was in a bad mood when I got home earlier tonight when I realized that I forgot my keys along with my wallet inside the house earlier this morning. I got no dough no more except for about 5 pieces of 25 cents in my coin purse. What made it worse was that nobody's home to open up the house. My sisters and my wife went to the movies. Grrr....

I temporarily waited at McDonalds but opted not to stay there for long as the smell of burger and fries made me hungrier. I decided I have to get away from that stupid clowns resto as I felt that he was teasing me. Creepy, but I imagine him laughing at me coz I couldn't buy me a spaghetti. Crazy.

Good thing I have my DSLR with me. I gather that I can just put my mind into something that will let me forget my pitiful state (lol). So acting like I am full, I took out my D60 and shoot my way towards EDSA, went up the MRT station and tried some long exposure shots of Highway 54 with the MRT as a hightlight. But alas, I couldn't capture the train. My timing was a bit off though I think I still made progress as I was able to get acquainted with the different settings that I need shooting night scenes. More practice needed however.

After some time, I walked my way back to Boni again starting to get pissed. I am so ravenous, I will eat whoever tries to ask me for a fight. I noticed a bunch of RTU students converging in a phone booth in front of the PLDT building. Still out of my element, I rested at the stairs right next to where they are standing. I could see one of the guys using the phone while the rest of the group was huddled beside him. It did not take long for me to realize what they are doing, they are listening to the radio, and I know the familiarity of the voice. Hehe it is Papa Jack , deym! The man on the phone is actually talking to Papajack while his buddies are listening. Obviously it was a prank call and the bunch are having to much fun. I was tempted to take their picture and post them here but I feel that them guys would not appreciate it so I just kept my voodoo inside my bag. Deep inside I really am having a blast at hearing some guys doing a prank call live on air. Hehehhe. It basically wore off my hunger. The freaking call lasted for almost an hour, I thought I noticed the dude talking to PapaJack made a hand gesture that he is out of five peso coins already. Still smiling inside, I took off.

Good thing that wifey is already home. I ate. I blogged. Kissed wifey goodnight. Now, I am going to sleep. Ngooorrrkkkk....

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