Sunday, July 4, 2010

ASUS EeePC 1201T-SIV005W


The great war is over. War over who is going to use our current ASUS laptop that is.

Me and wifey went laptop hunting earlier. We were looking for a netbook which is powerful enough to handle JAVA IDE development, well at least that is the primary concern. Of course, we were looking for another ASUS since this brand has already been proven by us as very reliable. We kind of looked into some MSI's and Dell's as well just for curiousity's sake though.

We went first to VMall in Greenhills. In the first shop that we checked into, we were offered an ASUS Eee PC also. The attendant was quite nice however we feel that we are being lied into as they were telling us that they have no other stock of the model we selected. We were being offered to get the displayed item instead. We do not want it as we know that normally displayed items most likely are demo types, meaning that it is either overused already. The front panel of the laptop in fact is somehow oily already with matching finger prints on the surface yet they are telling us that no one has ever touched it yet before. I told the salesman that we will have to decide about the purchase first and that we'll get back to them. But no, I was decided already. We will look somewhere else.

The second shop where we found the model that we want sure has lots of stocks of it. There is one problem though. They have a very slow process. Wifey decided already to purchase it from them but had to change her mind as they kept us waiting for them to finalize the order while still trying to assist other customers. When we noticed that the salesman was not prioritizing us, wifey stood and we hurriedly left. Benta na, nawala pa! Sorry for them.

We got tired of Vmall at that point and the whole Greenhills area. So where else do we have to go? Off to the ever reliable Megamall. We had to scour all the shops at the Cyberzone area. Since we know already which model we are aiming for, we only had to ask for the price of each and of course what freebies can we get. That is important especially since we realized that all shops were offering that model for the same price (must be an ASUS requirement).

We finally were able to get our hands on the laptop through a salesman/girl. He/she is really very accomodating. Customer service tops in our list so since we know that all other shops are almost offering the same items only, we stayed put with him/her. The product is this:

AMD Athlon
2 Gig of RAM
320 Gig HDD
12.1 inches
With protective sleeve
Free mouse and flash drive

This has no OS yet though except for the ASUS supplied Express Gate which is not a problem. We will be installing Linux CENTOS into it anyway.

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