Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nikon 55-200mm VR Lens


Had the chance to test a Nikon 55-200mm Lens with my Nikon D60. An officemate of wifey was nice enough to lend it to us overnight. He is actually trying to sell it.

I have heard so much about this lens in the forums. They say that it is good enough paparazzi lens for poor photography hobbyists like me. I find it good though not as powerful as I thought it was. I could not understand also why there seems to be some specs of noise no matter how bright the surrounding light is. Tried it also early this morning to get a taste of how it is going to be with natural light around but I was still not able to find it really acceptable for me. Maybe I had overestimated what it can do given the praises I have read about it in the forums. Or maybe I am just really not a good photographer, which is perfectly acceptable also hehe. But it is with a just yet. I promise, I will get better at this GRRRRRR!

For one, I find it very limiting since most of the time I want to be able to take wide angle shots. I normally take portrait shots and then add wide shots of the subject. With the 55-200mm it will not allow you to take as much wide area shots as possible. The only way to do so is to try to step back and recompose through the viewfinder. And I found it difficult to always switch glasses from the 55-200mm to my kit lens eveerytime I need to shoot wide angle. Maybe I wanted the 18-200mm instead.

It could have been a good buy since the lense was being sold at 8500 pesos only with hood. And my wife was told that it could be payed in delayed terms. However, I am not an instinct buyer. I buy when I think it is time to buy and when it is ok to buy (trans: I do not have the money heheheh). Also, I noticed some scratches on the glass itself also. I think I also heard some subtle whirring sound that is far different from the sound it usually makes when the lens is trying to focus. That added some additional sirens to my gut feel. The owner said it was just about 2 -3 months old but I think I'll go for broke instead and buy it a much higher price from one of the Hidalgo shops if ever.

Thank you however for letting us try it boss.

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