Monday, July 19, 2010

MuzikPoint in Ibaan


As a kid in Batangas, me and my cousins were encouraged by our elders to learn instruments and be more active musically. Unfortunately, music never liked me as much as I craved to be a musician. I used to study piano through my aunt in Ibaan but basically bailed out one night due to boredom. So when a grade 6 student asked me if I can help her with her music project, I was left wondering why I did not pursue music the same way that my cousins in Ibaan did. Now, I am contemplating on going back to the basics even if I am a little bit older to begin lessons. I know exactly whom to approach.

Good thing MusikPoint is established. MuzikPoint is a band rehearsal studio complete with all band instruments needed by enthusiasts to use. The place is managed by one of the foremost musical phenom in Ibaan, Batangas. His name... John Paul Pateña. This musical genius is the man to look for when it comes to learning, experiencing, (and if you are old) reliving music into your heart. He is practically trained in all kinds of musical instruments like Guitars, Piano, Drums, and a lot more. He is also very much adept at using indigeneous musical instruments. John Paul is so gifted as a musician, I am starting to envy him. Good thing I look better than him or else, I would have killed myself already. :P

Mr Pateña offers tutorial services. He does piano / keyboard, guitar, and drum lessons. Voice lessons are also being offered by members of his family. So if ever you are interested in making it big as a musician and you are in the vicinity of Ibaan Batangas, there is only one man to look for and one place to go to, MuzikPoint!

MuzikPoint is located at I. Guerra Street, Poblacion in Ibaan, Batangas. You can reach the Maestro himself at 09216268048.

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