Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Let us face it! Lakerland is in the brink of falling into the abyss of no return if the other Lakers do not show up again tomorrow. And there will be no coming back this time. So very much unlike that 2008 defeat when everybody knows that the Lakers will try to avenge their loss by winning everything the next season, this time that is not going to happen. If the Lakers lose again to this airhead Celtic team there is no way that Kobe and Pau and Fish will again be present as Lakers to take vengeance.

The Players union are threathening to go for a one full season lockout if the CBA negotiations become unfavorable to them. If that lockout ever happens, the Lakers and more on the Celtics will be two year older. I think a much matured KD will eat KG and KB (24 that is) alive at that point (although I will still root for Kobe of course and yes it is KD and not LBJ as the latter is nothin but a myth). If that happens, ther will be no more Celtics vs Lakers in the Finals for at least a few seasons.

Now going back to the game. The other Lakers should step up. The Fish should step up! Artest should step up! Gasol, Vujacic and even an injured Bynum should step up! And Lamar, my dear Candyman, Are the kardashians the only guys you can keep up with???(pun intended) Step up man!!!!

I remember the 2009 Playoff Season when they are on the verge of being defeated by other teams in the West, their battlecry was "REMEMBER BOSTON!!!". They were able to pull it through albeit less the Celtic team that they sought for the whole time. They had to face a much younger and inexperienced superman in Orlando. Now they do not have to remember Boston! Boston is in their faces mocking their supposed growth or whatever you call it.

Man, as a Lakerfan, this is exasperating!!!! (Sigh) BOSTON SUCKS!!!!


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