Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Derek "KING" Fisher


To whom it may concern:

This is to certify that Kobe is not the only Active Laker who has four rings already. I am still here.


After posting this letter, came the barrage of shots and it is all over in Boston for Game 3. We have to give credit where credit is due though. Boston sure made it an exciting game coming from a 17 point deficit in the first half cutting it to just a one point Laker lead in the fourth. But Alas comes the KingFisher, and Bostons hardships came for naught.

Taking over the game almost at will late in the game, he made Rajon Rondo look like a kid. And before the Celtic Loudmouths could recover, Kobe came off to finish off the game.

Now how about that Boston fans and Laker haters! Two more to go!!!!

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