Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And Show Up They Did

We were all watching out at how Bynum will come out when being introduced by the Staples Center announcer, and we liked what we saw. The Staples Center crowd was unlike their usual self. Getting into the game at the sound of the buzzer. There was a sense of urgency. It really did something to energize the men in purple and yellow. Something was up when Ron Artest made that three. And we saw a glimmer of hope when Farmar dived down the parquet to keep the ball and then later on driving from the sideline and challenged KG for a layup. And we became believers after Browns tremendous alley-hoop-one-handed dunk off the pass from Gasol!

These Lakers did show up! Not just Kobe, but all the other Lakers! This was what I asked for in my last entry. For them to let Boston feel that Kobe Bryant is just a single presence. That their might is bigger than Laker-Celtic rivalry itself when the whole team plays.

Doc Rivers tried to insert his bench again to try to claw their way back but that came at a high price. These Lakers learned from what happened in Game 4. Nate might be able to do this over and over with superman but not with a superteam with a Mamba's head. And then it is all over. When the dusk setlled, Perkins was down, Rondo went down and for a time after committing a foul, I thought Tony Allen was down too.

I hope everybody is healthy come Game 7. If that is to be, then the best team will take the cake!!! I am not going to try to be no seer no more. The last few times I did that, my Lakers lost. I just hope that this same team that showed up tonight will be a more intensified team come Game 7.

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