Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Meloto Mindset


“I can do more for the country by not being a Cabinet official”!

Wow! And I mean another, "HUWAW"!!!

It is not every day that we will hear such statements, but yes we did! This is the exact pronouncement of Mr Tony Meloto, one of the founders of Gawad Kalinga. You see, he was offered a Cabinet post by our new President and he declined it exactly for the very reason stated above. He can do more for his country without getting a public post. Sorry, but I have to say another "WOW!!!!" to that!!!

This is in total contrast to what we always hear from our politicians. When ask why they are running for public posts, they will always exclaim that it is so that they can help the poor. I always thought that this is farce and with these kind of statements alone, I find myself rooting for them to lose. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Sigh... If only Pacman, and all other individuals who are already considered movers of the society can have the same state of mind, surely they will make wonders for the country. The new President himself is in that position already, given the resources that he and his family already have. But no, because in the context of Philippine politics, the child should inherit his parents political position. In this case he gave more weight to the Philippines natural political tradition : Trapoism.

This now makes me ask, Are these guys really becoming more helpful by merely taking in public posts? I tried to look for any studies regarding this but did not find one.

I tend to believe however that Mr Meloto is spot on correct on his decision. And because he declined the post and ultimately did not give in to temptation of having almost an absolute power in our society, I find him to be one of the most honorable Filipino we have in the country. Mabuhay ka Ginoong Meloto! Sana ay dumami pa ang kagaya mo!

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