Monday, June 28, 2010

Flash Required

The time has come, hehehe, that is for me to get a flash for my DSLR. The past few shots I took really made me think that I need one already. I cannot make a good enough shots in the dark and I am having headaches with adjusting and readjusting my camera settings to compensate for the lack of light. Not good if I want to excel more in this hobby.

I have been casing the possible flash models that might do well for me. I have been reading reviews and of course I am checking out the price catalouges as well. (This hobby is really eating up my wifes budget LOL hehehehe.) I think I am going for Nissin Di622.

Nissin Di622, according to reviews, is a high-quality camera at a very low cost being from an OEM. It is actually manufactured by Nissin Marketing of Japan. According to Mr David Lee Ong, " The Nissin Di622 (Di622 hereon out) is a mid-level flash model for the Nissin brand and it’s intended to match up against the mid-level offerings of Nikon and Canon (SB-600 and 430EXII, respectively) in terms of output and features."

Since the review is coming from a well respected photographer like Mr Ong. I am sure going to get this one instead of the SB Speedlight series which I was inclined to get before reading the reviews. For more of Mr David Lee Ong's Reviews click here.

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