Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flash Acquired


Went to Mayers in Hidalgo earlier to get the Nissin Di622 Speedlite that I was craving for since reading a review about it by David Tong. I was thinking of getting it from Henrys but for some reason I think destiny (bwehehehe) do not want me to buy it from them. I first checked out their website to check for their phone number as I wanted to make sure that their open today being a holiday due to President Noys Inauguration. However the webpage is showing that it is suspended. So I had to check other resources to get their number. I tried two of those but no one was answering. Finally, I was able to contact them at about 12 noon but as luck would have it, they have no stock of the flash model I am looking for. The man I talked to tried to persuade me to get a Sunpak brand instead. But I am really decided already to get the Nissin model. So it is one lost sale for them.

I then called up Mayers afterwards even if I was having second thoughts about it as Mayer has a reputation of being uncourteous to some customers. I am just really in the mood of getting a flash and at least have a little bit of upgrade to my gear so even if it is from Mayers I have to get one today. TUrns out they do have a stock of the Di622 and they are offering it at a price lower by about 300 pesos compared to what is indicated with Henrys website (I checked before their site got suspended.)

I am currently in test mode as of the moment. Gotta check out each and every feature as this only has a one week store warranty. It would be of a hassle if I find out after that 7 day period that there is a defect since by then the warranty would be from the manufacturers already. This means return will take a much longer period of time and I do not have that.

My initial tests are very very reassuring. This is indeed a very nice buy. Sulit! I even tested it a very low light where only the tv is on and it still brought amazing results. I will bring it to work tomorrow and test it in my office environ. Gotta burn this flash bulbs like crazy to really see its mettle.

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