Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Full Show

I know you guys were able to hear Martin Nievera give his rendition of the Philippine National anthem. Coz if you did not see or hear it, then you are most definitely not a Pacquiao fan. The NHI (National Historical Institute) said that they are mulling on filing a case against Mr Nievera because of what they call his "irreverent" version of the anthem. C'MON!!!! I mean how unlucky can Martin Nievera be? He took it as an honor to sing the song and he sung it with such patriotic fervor only to be trashed by people who texted (kuno) the NHI complaining that he did not do it right.

We all heard the version guys, Do you think Martin sung the song with any malice? Hell, no! In fact after a long long while, that was the only time again that I felt pride hearing the National Anthem being sung. Did not feel it when Ms Bautista sung it for Pacquiao, was bored by it when Geneva self-consciously sang it one time. Among all the chosen ones who sang it for a Pacman fight, Martin is the only one who was able to gave credence to the song and he is the only one who was able to make the Filipino listeners feel that they are part of the song. He beat the hell out of Tom Jones in Vegas man!

So cut the crap NHI!!! If you are really bent on catching those who disrespect the anthem, go and watch the last full show... fools!

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gatcho said...

I myself thought his "version" was really good. I was actually expecting him to sing it with a weird accent since he's english speaking, but he didn't. Those old school impotent guys in NHI needs to get a life. I almost laughed my ass off when I saw them in the news singing the what is supposed to be the correct way of singing the national anthem. We all know how to sing it properly, but giving more life to the song is not in any way disrespectful ... in my opinion at least.

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