Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Parents are Off to Auckland

This is the farthest that my mother and father is able to go to. I wish I am with thm to see the experience one of the highlights of their life. Thanks to my Kuya Louie, they are now in New Zealand.

I have always wished that I can give my parants this kind of a gift. I envy Kuya Louie that it is him and not me who could provide them the luxury to travel. I remember when I was still in school, I told my parents that I will buy them a car and have the house gated. I have not fulfilled them yet and I am not sure if I can still.

My parents are the most wonderful people that I have been closed to. I love them and I miss them too. I hope they enjoy their stay in Auckland. And one day I hope to provide them such a travel also. How about a trip to Divisoria? I think they'd be happy about that also. They are such grateful people, I don't think they'd mind.

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