Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Steve Nash

Wow!!!! I am a die hard Laker and Kobe fan! No doubt in my mind that I like them better now compared to when Shaq was still with the team. However, this is not about Kobe or the Lakeshow or that dumb-ass-cant-find-no--loyal-home-team Shaq. This is about Steve Nash. The proverbial Steve Nash! The one and only great Canadian! The unstoppable point guard cum MVP of the Suns. The Sportsman. Damn! I really like this long haired soccer-loving baller. If not for Kobe, I really think that the Suns will go to the Finals and meet with those Green Thugs of Boston all because of Steve. Instead, Steve will again go away from the hardcourt and leave.

When I saw on YouTube his being emotional after their Game 6 lost to the Lakers, I had to really admire him more. Watch it here. Imagine still being able to go to Kobe with your daughter and congratulate him even if he feels really really down. He sure is no Le-Hype, he is for real. I really cant help but be sorry for the guy. Man, it really sucks to lose. I hope Steve can be a Laker that way we'll all be able to better appreciate how good he is coz Im sure he'll win a championship wearing the purple and gold. I assure you, NASH IS MUCH BETTER THAN THAT SELF ADULATING CON FROM AKRON!!!! Hope you win a ring someday Nash at least before you retire. Good luck to you sir!

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