Thursday, July 17, 2008

manila Water : 2nd Edition

WHOAH!!! Prompt actions deserve the warmest applause and the loudest kudos!!!

Manila Water has responded, decisively about my previous blog about them! You see, that previous item about Manila Water is actually an email message that I sent to every email address that I googled ending with

Unknowingly, it reached the the highest echelon of the water world. And the Water God, according to my sources, watered them all who had something to do with the said issue.

Thanks to Google! Thanks to the Water God! Thanks to the Martyr (you know who you are madam)... I do apologize to those who were fried in water... I did not mean to cause harm...

Right now, I do not have to pay for a whole year of water consumption. I do not have to deal with a useless callcenter and their OIC. I can drink water from the faucet again.

But wait! Water from our faucet?? No way, man!!!

Calling Grandeur Pure Drinking Water... One gallon please!

See! We do not use Manila Water's water... So its just fair that I not give a year's pay!!!

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