Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In what could be the biggest breakthrough to date, the Philippine government and the Muslim separatist group Moro Islamic Liberation Front have agreed to dropping the word "Freedom" in the draft that would pave the way for the long-stalled peace talks to resume.

In a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Esperon stated that the agreement will now read, "The recognition and peaceful resolution of the conflict must involve consultations with the Bangsamoro people free of any imposition in order to provide chances of success and open new formulas that permanently respond to the aspirations of the Bangsamoro people."

Imagine how a seven letter word, which stands for nothing but rethoric, be of great value to achieving peace in Mindanao. Or is it?

One could easily put the kindest and most afable word in the context of that accord and yet still stray away from peace. The content of the mind and the motive of the heart does not always follow the warmth of a smile. For hidden desires will always be a stumbling block that should make it more harder for the proponents of this issue.

Not all Filipinos on both sides of the fence are excited about this development. There are those who have invested greatly in this conflict and would not want it to rightfully end. Remember that during the time of Erap, there are allegations that rouge elements of the military are the ones who themselves supplying arms and munitions to these rebels. Personal vendetta on both sides will not easily be bented as long as scores are not avenged. Some politicians who will lose grip of their turf once the BangsaMoro region is established will wholeheartedly desire that peace process fail. Sabotage, false accusations, deceit and lies will certainly come in handy for the shadows behind.

For all the hard hopes that we are pinning on this huge development, we should never ever forget that the real enemy of a peaceful Mindanao is cunning and much more evil. For now that freedom is not into play, comes the beginning of a whole new ballgame.

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