Friday, July 25, 2008

UAAP FEU Cager Shot At!!!

Wow!!! The story about a UAAP basketball player, FEU Tamaraw forward Mac Baracael being shot at is truly huge!

But to add flavor to an already tasty news story, it seems that the motive behind the shooting is
related to the game of basketball. What?!!!!

Yes folks! The viral infection of what happened in the National Basketball Association (NBA)
concerning game fixing / cheating have reached the local shores. In this case, somehow cheaters in the game being played by FEU are said to be the suspects. Reports said that these cheaters are getting back at Baracael mainly because he 'squealed' about the involved individuals.

Now that is something!

The past few years, my interest in the local basketball leagues, (PBA, PBL, UAAP and NCAA
included) has really gone to a halt. No matter what the local basketball commentators and officials say, they can not hide the fact that the peoples interest in the game is at an all time low. Hell! even Ginebra chants sounds corny already.

It seem that the reason is coming to light. Could it be possible that these cheaters are not only
situated inside the walls of FEU? Could it be that even the amateur UAAP and the Pro-league games are affected? No wonder why Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas and the rotting Basketball Association of the Philippines BAP can not agree, if that is the case.

The game just got dirtier and boring... hmp!!!


Anonymous said...

Watching the Final Four showdown today made me say, "The results shall tell the motive of Baracael being shot at." Indeed, the games made me conclude. My outlook toward UAAP is already marred. FEU is a really good team and it has got boys who really play excellently like Cawaling, Baracael, Fernandez, Ramos, Barocca and Knuttel. I just couldn't believe that during their last three games (one against UE and two against DLSU) they were not at their best. It made me ask, "What made them lose their spirit when in fact 'Mac is back?'"
I think, with all desperation and disappointment, that FEU men's basketball was sold so as to gain more in terms of ticket sales and to please the powers that be who are alumni of two prominent and rich universities.

Anonymous said...

It is such a shame that such a dirty trick has penetrated UAAP where universities which brandish "Honor, Excellence, Charity, Virtue, Service" belong.
All the efforts of the players where just in vain. I hope the FEU boys, especially Mac, will fight back and try to bring justice for themselves

magtiblogz said...

I totally agree... add to the fact that I could not even got a ticket for the La Salle-Ateneo tiff from credentialed scalpers, means that a huge sinister group is behind all this... if we just all can connect the dots...

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