Friday, July 25, 2008

Now that is a DNS Issue!!!

I just read from an online news about an exploit code allowing someone to attack the domain name system (DNS) in the internet.

They are saying that this flaw is so critical that those in the know could easily cause the flow of internet traffic to be controlled. The news said that a group of elite computer engineers even had to labor in secret in order to develop a patch that will secure this apparent DNS vulnerability.
According to the person who discovered the vulnerability:

"This attack is very good. This attack is being weaponized out in the field. Everyone needs to patch, please, This is a big deal"

Even if I am not sure as to what this bug is, I felt that somehow the risk in internet security. So I followed the instruction given to find out if my own personal internet access is at risk. And this is the result:

" Your name server, at, appears vulnerable to DNS Cache Poisoning. All requests came from the following source port: 53. Due to events outside our control, details of the vulnerability have been leaked. Please consider using a safe DNS server, such as OpenDNS. Note: Comcast users should not worry. "

Comcast customers are lucky. Their ISP has somewhat covered up the bases. But how about the other Internet Service Providers. Is the local ISP, PLDT concerned about this? Anybody got any idea?

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