Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chosen Few


I was 18, with failing grades in college and was a confused adolescent when I asked an older brother, "What if I enter the seminary?". His answer was that I have to give it some deep thought and make sure first that that is what I really wanted to do.

It was not out-of-the-ordinary for someone from my fathers side of the family to enter the seminary. When I was a kid, it was one of the options that I always say to those who would ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up. If I am not going to be married, I'll be a priest.

But seminary life was not for me. My rebellious attitude does not conform to the strict religous life of those who are called. Yes, I was called (for a bit) but I was not chosen. So I left. I was called for a different vocation. Thankfully, marrying Che is what God has called me for. This is after more than 8 years of knowing each other. To be her husband now and forever is what is just right for me. Really, God has His very mysterious ways.

Saint Joseph Marello

One and a half-year after my wedding, it is another group of brothers turn to take their vows. This time though they went to the altar with neither wedding rings nor brides. They went to the altar with only themselves to offer. Out of the number of guys in our batch who were called to make the Lord as their only lifetime partner, only Willie, Nemuel and Joeffrey were chosen.

"You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek."

There is no way of knowing the great burden that you guys are now going to lift until the day you die. For in your shoulders rests the salvation of souls of each person you touch. While I am merely thinking about the future of my family, you are agonizing over the lost souls of the world. While I chose to have another person to be with me, you have chosen to live as a celibate for Him. While I have chosen to stay with my family, you have chosen to be sent to anywhere in the world that you are asked to go to propagate the Lords work.

We are proud of you our new priests! We will pray that you are able to do the duties that you so desired in the most benevolent way.

Congratulations Father Nemy, Father Willie and Father Jeoff of the Oblates of Saint Joseph!


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