Thursday, June 23, 2011

Metta World Peace


Lets go light this time.

I do not know how to categorized this on whether it is good or bad news for my dear Lakerland. Do not even know if this still fits as a sports news coz I think it's more of an odd one.

Ron Artest is changing his name to.... (drum roll please)

METTA WORLD PEACE!!!!! (toinks!)

This maybe some kind of an evolution from the great World B. Free (also of the NBA) but there was no explanation yet as to why he would want his name tag changed. Artest is a cool name already but the man is a nut job who (in these days)everybody likes. Well, except for the Pistons.

This latest foray into the weirdness made me scratch my basketballs a lil bit harder. We know he's trying to be better. I am just not sure if having Metta as first name, World as middle and Peace as last will ever last. Especially in Lakerland where every game is a war.

I am still inclined to buy his jersey though. How cool would it be to dunk over an opponent, p[ush him over the sideline, trash talk him some more and then turn my back where he'll read "PEACE!!!".

Go Lakers!!! Mavs verlieren im nächsten Jahr!


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