Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Quicky

Weekend Quicky
by magtiblogz

We extol sunsets for how beautiful they are
And we welcome the moon for its solemn light - (sempai thanks!)
And whilst waves crash into the sandy shore
We beg for more of this dreamy lore...

Catapulted to where time comes to a grinding halt,
Where we can walk barefoot and run hand in hand
Where soft grasses alternate for urbanity's asphalt
Where natures voices make for symphonic background...

On top of mountains and their incessant winds
Where we view the greatness of His great realm
Where our voices are muffled by the screaming calm
Our soul depleted is immersed once more...

Then it hits us with realism's recoil
We leave Utopia for the modern(?) toil
we breathe fresheners and walk carpeted floors
where we feed the mouth yet drain our soul...

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bloggingpuyat said...

nice, malalim.hehehe..

Gone to the John said...

hehe oo nainis kasi ako at ang bilis natapos nung kada bakasyon natin :D balik office kagad! haha yunapalayun!!!

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