Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FB Chat : A Social Experiment Kuno


I recently joined this photocontest and was asking most of my "kamukha" (**ka-facebook, Tan-dyi-ey!) to share the link and like the photo as well to maximize my chances of winning.

Unknowingly, as I was going through the motions of requesting for facebook likes, I realized how each of my kamukha differs with each other in terms of how they communicate, how they react, how they let the communication through chat go on to the extent that I was able to at least somewhat measure what kind and what degree of friendship we are having.

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Now, I am not a chat addict. I rarely even go chat using other media like YM or AIM or Skype. I also do not normally set myself to visible especially on FB as I am not comfortable chatting with people except when I needed to say something to some one or if a task calls for it.

So I thought of a plan. I would try to chat up anyone under the guise of making a specific request coming from a friend and see how the other side would react. This is not some seriously themed Emo plot to know who my real friends are, katuwaan lang ika nga. And since I seem to have all the time in the world right now to do this (hindi pa busy) why-not-chocnut is the decision.

I PM'ed Bryan (***hindi ito ang hindi tunay nyang pangalan) and as soon I sent a message the recipient of the message went offline. I was like Whoah!!, sabay smayl na parang nakatuklas ng bagong specie. Ang kaibahan lamang ay hindi ito ang nanganganib na uri (endangered ungas! tagalog na nga eh nalito pa!).

About 35% of all those I chatted in my kamuks' (pinaiksi ng kamukha o kameysmuk!) seem to have the same weird attitude of turning off chat once they receive one. LOL. It is like an auto-logoff button is being activated as soon as a new message comes in. There are some however who would entertain my initial greeting na parang when I say Hello they say Hi and then kapoom! Nakita ko na lang ay ang bilog na kulay grey sa gilid ng kanilang pangalan sa chatbox (***ooops titingnan mo kung ano ang grey na bilog sa fb chat sa puntong ito) na ang ibig sabihin ay offline ang kausap ko.

As much as I want to judge people hindi ako hukom at lalong hindi ako si Lord. So sa benefit ng doubt, naisip ko na baka naman biglang naubos ang pambayad sa computer shop o nahuli ng boss sa office kaya nawala sa FB. Or it might be that they just do not want to exhaust their massive tupperware elemental presets (kaplastikan) so instead of chatting, just-end-it-right-away mode. It is also possible that the person I chatted with is choosy like me, may mga biases sa friends kung sino ang gusto kausap. Or lastly malamang sobra talagang busy. Although I normally do not just log off like that on somebody. I always make it a point to say adieu as gently (dahan dahan, yung hindi masakit, respectful) as possible.

What I am happy though is that majority, even those who barely even remember me, had been courteous and in fact even tried to open other topics that we can discuss. Some chats even lasted an hour or more, even if as I have said, i am not a chat guy. I could barely even talk to most of you face to face alone chat pa kaya. Buti na nga lang naiipasa ko mga job interviews ko eh!

But these guys who chatted with me head-on as my guinea pigs without them knowing it during the duration of this social experiment are the best!

Someone asked me if I can go to this place (na hindi ko talaga alam basta nsa makati lang yun) later that night just for old times sake. Another one knows me so well he started throwing jokes and insults at me LOL in a friendly and fun way. One is sweet enough to send her regards to my wife (haha Tenchu Ate Mhaye!!).

Those friends we cherish! Man oh man, if I can only save one glass of beer everytime I drink. But you know me.. cant even drink a can of cali since it is not even sold in the market no more. (Not drinking much anymore ever since that embarrassing and messy situation years ago that my wife knows all too well heheh, another story.)

But then again this is not scientific. I myself knows that there are some who talk better and are more comfortable through chat. Others just find it not.

So in the end this experiement isn't really worth a nick' compared to how the Philippine Stock Market was up or compared to Osama Bin Laden's controversial demise. But is it worth trying? Yup! You may also want to try it when you're free. Who knows you may learn a thing or two about your kamuks character heheh? Learned a lot about them, I learned a lot about me :D

Peace and I'm out!


*** haha nakatuwaan ko lang kung paano magsulat si Master Jamin, ang aking mestrong mahusay magsulat at magsalita habang nagmumura duon sa dati kong pinagtatrabahuhang kumpanya.sensya na po kung may naapektuhang damdamin ng mga salita LOL paminsan minsan healthy ang mag-iba ng salakay bagamat inaamin ko na hindi ko gusto na kayo'y murahin, liban na lamang kung talagang tan-dyi-ey ang nagbabasa, hindi na mura yun kundi riyalidad LOL.

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bloggingpuyat said...

that's one way of finding out who your real friends are and those na hanggang fb friends lang..

magtiblogz said...

yup.. i agree.. :D

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