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Just a few days ago we got so annoyed by the continous spam attacks through wall posts asking FB users to verify accounts to avoid receiving spam posts.

The wall post states, "Please do your part in PREVENTING SPAM by VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT. Click VERIFY MY ACCOUNT right next to comment below to begin the verification process...". A Verify My Account link is then located directly after the post.

A lot of FB users were duped to click the verify link which unknowingly allowed it to be reposted to all of their friends facebook walls. A total annoyance. We are not really sure if that is the only thing it did. We are not I had to post a request to on my own wall so that they wont have to click such links anymore. It was even featured in the news.

I thought by now they would have known how such clickjacking practices work but apparently a lot of our friends still have not learned their lessons. Just now, I have received requests on my wall asking people to click the activate a new feature on FB for disliking posts. Apparently they clicked on a button that says ACTIVATE DISLIKE BUTTON. What is worse is that this one is not new and has been out there even before the verify spam came out.

Some people just never learn.

One of the reasons why people still click on such links (aside from plain stupidity) is because they have no idea if it is for real or not.

For those who still have not learned. Here is one simple way of checking out if such a link is dubious or not.

1) Put the mouse cursor over the link. Do not click on it. In this example, the mouse is over the link that says ACTIVATE DISLIKE BUTTON.

2) Look at the status bar at the bottom of your browser and you will find the url where the "Activate.." button is linked to. In this one, it clearly shows that it routes to a website called which is not in anyway connected to Facebook.

Now note that if the "dislike message" is indeed from Facebook it should have been linked to the Facebook domain and not to this livejournal guys.

As simple as that really. Safe surfing everyone!!!

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