Friday, August 22, 2008

Old World vs New World: Spain and USA meet in Olympic Basketball Finals


As yours truly predicted in an earlier post, the Americans and the Spaniards will face off in the Finals of Beijing Olympics Mens Basketball tournament.

The US team led by Carmelo Anthony who snatched 21 points won 101 - 81 over reigning Olympic Hoops Champion Argentina. On the other hand, Spain beat Lithuania in the first semi-final game 91-86.

I was able to watch the preliminary match between the US and Spain and I can't help but wonder what adjustments Pau Gasol and his brother Mark will put into play come game time. The US clobbered the Iberian matadors 119 - 82 during pool play, where the Americans showed thier quickness.

However, I think we ought to see a much tighter game this time around. Pau and the Spanish Crew I think learned their lesson the first time and they should never commit the same mistakes now that the Gold is up for reaping.

The US team led by NBA MVP Kobe "My Idol" Bryant showed how serious they are in the first game between them. Noticed how Kobe dismissed Pau by shoving him to the ground when the latter tried to set a pick for his teammate in the first few minutes of the game? Kobe just walked on, stoned-faced as if nothing happened while Pau just can't help but smile. To me, that is the difference.

So if this time Spain is still thinking of horse-play, they should just pack up and not attend the match. For the US of A means business... means vengeance... means Gold... and nothing less!

Scores by Quarter during the USA and Spain pool match-up:
Q1: 31 - 22
Q2: 61 - 45
Q3: 86 - 63
Q4: 119 - 82

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