Thursday, August 21, 2008

Advocacy: Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health


From this moment on, I plan on making this my personal advocacy. To influence as many people as possible, especially the people I know to stop smoking.

I tried smoking before, albeit briefly. It was never really a habit or an addiction for me. It was because of the people around me. Sometimes you have to do things just because your friends do so also. Well, I was young back then and I thought that that was the way to go. Good thing I met my future wife, and I stopped.

It is not really hard to stop smoking. It is just a matter of taking your mind to the right concept of how you are going to be able to show others that you have control of the things you do.

Take for example my dear father. He was an addictive smoker back in the days. He is able to take that bad habit away. From a tiny-thin man, my father became bigger. People who knew him before were always amazed at how much my fathers physique changed. It is all because he stopped smoking. He is healthier and more full of life.

I will be posting more about this advocacy in the future. Less smokers, less sorrow, less death.

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