Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 ::: 8.8.08

Simply the best ever Olympic Games opener!!!

That is how I am going to describe the Beijing Olympics 2008 Grand Opening! Imagine an Olypic torch bearer running in mid air??? And the finale, that is the lighting of the Olympic flame put the mythical Barcelona Olympic Archer shot to shame!

The fireworks capped the night. Remember the Bombing of Baghdad? Well, it is nothing to how the Beijing skyline lit up after the Olympic flame is in full view.

The Chinese are simply on top of the world right now. Even the US can not match the patriotism, the nationalistic fervor, the economic prowess and the total edge of the Awakened Dragon. The Beijing Olympic Games is the proof. Indescribable!!!

Whoever is the head of the Beijing Olympic organizing committee, Congratulations!!!

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