Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Eyes on Harry Tañamor: Updated

Update: Our very own Harry Tañamor lost his light flyweight match with Ghana's Mangyo Plange. The Filipino boxer lost 6 - 3 in a one sided match. Looks like our hopes for an Olympic glory are now pinned on the jins, and whoever is left standing. But with the opposition so much formidable, we can only close our fingers and pray.
All eyes are now on Boxer Harry Tañamor. The man is in a very unenviable position being the only man in the lean Philippine contingent in the ongoing Beijing Olympic games who all Filipinos think should be able to win at least a bronze medal. The other members of the Philippine team does not enjoy the same such high expectations from his countrymen. So even right now, I am all praises to the Filipino flyweight veteran. His ability to handle such pressure is worth a medal already.

Tañamor will be going up against Ghana's Manyo Plange at 7pm Manila time. Too bad, I will be at work at that time. Surely, I will be following the match on the web.

Let us all pray for the sweet chance for Harry to bring home the chinese bacon that is made of Gold.
A Filipina in the US Olympic Swimming team in Beijing? I read it from Miss Dine Racoma's blog. According to the respected blogger, the swimmer Natalie Coughlin is 25% Filipina who eats pancit and lumpia in Bay area gatherings. Read more about it in The D Spot.

1 comment:

Sexy Mom said...

seems like Harry is our best bet for the elusive Olympic gold.

as to Natalie, we are still proud because of her Filipino origin (her lola is a pure Filipina).

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