Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mutant... And Proud!


I am a simple working guy..

Recently, I have met some people. I do not know who they are but they do seem to know me well. They know my name, the company I work for, my birth date. They even know my grandparents.

They look like regular guys like I look like another regular guy. But I sensed that they are different like I have known that I am different.

At first I was wary. I did not think that there could be some other guys like me. I thought I was alone in this world. Not until I met the mind reader.

I have been informed of a revolution in progress right in the midst of this world we call earth. I am being called to take sides. My hidden abilities are needed to help the first and to conquer the other. I was informed of the coming uprising.

All my life I have always wanted to know someone else whom I can share these secret abilities that I have been hiding. Not even my parents know about it although they know that I am special. Now that these people have approached me, I am more confused than ever.

The last few days have been gut-wrenching. It seems that some people from the most powerful government in the world have been informed about us. Guys in black suit that you would not normally see in the run down areas I normally go to are quietly observing. A guy tatt'd up in red keeps visiting me with messages from his boss. I was being asked to join their side instead.

Who should I trust now? Who should I believe? I was undecided until today...

The red-skinned guy visited me again. This time he came with my mom. It was annoying that he had to ask for my mothers assistance in persuading me to go take their side again. Mother knows best.

But I know my mom better. The one in front of me has the warm smile of mom but something is different. I am missing something...

Her hair.

I remember those summer times when I was younger. My mother would ask me to pluck the white hairs that she was starting to have. This is while she was trying to take her afternoon nap. I do not like doing it but I still did. It makes her sleepy which means that I can play outside. Also, removing her white hair makes her look younger. Which is why even now that it has been years after those summers, she is still looking young. She goes to the salon to have her hair dyed black now.

"Who are you?", I asked slowly. It was not a question. I know the one in front of me can only be a shapeshifter.

"I am Mystique" shifting into her real form.

I am now angry. I felt my veins. I felt blood in my eyes.

Not my family. Lalong hindi si inay ko.

I grabbed the red-skinned guy. He tried to pop-off but my powers stopped him. I held him in his tails and slammed him into the floor. I could feel that I became stronger a hundred times.

All of a sudden, I have now my portable keyboard. I started to type even if it is not connected to a computer. Words, letters and other mumbo-jumbos flew through the air out of it, straight towards the irreverent one who tried to imitate my Inay. The last thing I heard was her shriek. Mystique is dead pierced with the letters of the alphabet out lined by 7 special characters on her forehead.

I have made my choice. I am joining the mind reader. My keyboard and I.

I have a secret. I never thought it will come to this and I will have to tell you who I really am. I can see through walls. I can breathe under water. I am a fast typer.

I am Blogga Bulaga! A Mutant... And Proud!


Korni... LOL! Watch the film, I didn't sleep inside the cinema which means the movie's great!



bulakbolero.sg said...

maganda nga ang xmen first class.

blogger and proud. \m/

magtiblogz said...

hahah! agree ako ser!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Nadala ka yata sa movie ha. :D Hindi ko pa napapanood ang Xmen 1st class.. siguro within this week pa. :D

magtiblogz said...

heheh halata ba Leah? :P sabi ko nga minsan lang ako di mkatulog sa sinehan, pag hindi boring yung movie lang... :) salamat sa pagdalaw

iya_khin said...

gumaganon?!!! xmen?!! blogga bulaga!! ang bantot! wahahaha!

kala ko kung ano na! lol

Gone to the John aka Banyo Boy said...

wahahah naisip ko... ANG BANTOT NGAAH!!! hahaha salamat sa pagdalaw!!! :D

Marikoy said...

Oh... gusto ko rin manood ng Xmen first class! I love the Xmen ever since the 1990's when they used to show the animated series every Friday evening and I used to collect cards about the Xmen.

Gone to the John aka Banyo Boy said...

Yup, I vividly remember those XMen cartoon days too! :) Thanks for the visit Marikoy! :)

Karlie Bradshaw said...

I like dig your style bro! I like your mutant power! hehe Btw, i have an answer to your question from Webblog of Roy's post re: Anglican Church... ;)

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