Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh no he didn't!!! Kobe Bean Bryant Over Emeka Okafor!!!

Three consecutive Finals appearances. Two Consecutive Championships. 5 Rings. And yet some guys have not learned basketball wisdom.

Been hearing a lot of flak lately with the way the purple and gold are playing especially the black mamba himself. One guy atrociously have to claim that this year is the year when the Lakeshow becomes a no-show with the series with Hornets being tied at 2-2 and all and with Kobe just having this ankle sprain added to his list of injuries.

LOL If only this guys dreams can come true. Too bad in the world where all fans are not created equal cause bunch of them are of the losing kind, here is for you:

I just love the anchors reaction - "Oh No He didn't!!!"

I say, "Oh yes he did!!! Smile Okafor! You've been posterized!!!"

Ankle what??? Nuff said!!!

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