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"I do not know the dignity of his birth, but I know the glory of his death"

This is what is written by the entrance of the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig. As we all know the place is a hallowed ground for martyrs and heroes of this country. This is one place considered so sacred that motherland howls and outcry were heard in the bellows of our "brilliant" congressmen and women's chambers after 193 of them signed a resolution urging PNoy to allow the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos to be buried under its soil.

We do not really know what is the reasoning behind this so sudden resolve by our "outstanding congresistas" to shove this idea to the President who so happens to be the son of dead dictators' most righteous foe. Surely the congresswoman from Ilocos herself is one of the main proponent of this resolution that was introduced by Salvador Escudero III, which is understandable for a wife. Escudero himnself, who is the father of Chiz, was the Marcos regime's Food and Agriculture minister. But the other 191 others seem to also want to nip the bud of the President and all other anti-Martial rule and anti-dictatorship citizens of this country.

You can see the full list of congresspipz who signed the resolution here.

Man oh man! Do they have amnesia or what!?! Clearly, their thinking is to set aside the atrocities that occured during marcos rule, forget the supposed fallacy of Marcos' Maharlika soldiers claims as proven by the documentations made by American and Filipino war historians and forget that there are even claims that some of the supposed maharlika even collaborated with the Japanese occupiers, set aside the fact that the marcos regime was found guilty of harsh human rights abuses, that even before the current military scandal involving secret accounts of AFP came to life there was already the secret swiss accounts. We could go on and on and yet still these tsongresistas will not remember them all.

For them it is a matter of convenience.This shows their dogged two-faced nature. For while they are celabrating the merits and benefits and freedom of EDSA 1 every year, they also will want to give honor to the dead one who for all intents and purposes was the reason why the people had to go and face tanks and death in that same EDSA uprising. For them, it is better to walk the halls of the House of Congress with a smiling Imelda walking beside them than see her again and again and be plastic for they know she does not like those who do not want her husband in The Fort.

It seems that they are hell bent in allowing the dead dictator rest under the heroes soil. This even if we all know that when marcos left and exiled himself out of the country, glory was not there no more as a hero. There was dignity in Marcos birth, he obviously became a veteran and that was dignifying as well. But when he became president and dictator and used it for his family and his crony and forgot the country, where could glory be?

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