Monday, June 7, 2010

Ray Allen and the Loudmouths

My prediction went south!

I boldly predicted my Lakers winning it all in four games. But when a hand like that of Ray Allen is as hot as a meteor then I guess there is no Nostradamus in me. He single-handedly took the Lakers out in the first half scoring via 7 three-pointers. And I hated it.

Truth be told, of all the Celtics, Allen is the the one I like most. It is because, unlike his loudmouth teammates, he is soft spoken and humble. So much unlike Garnett who constantly barks at his opponents like they are his minions, or Pierce who once said that he is the best player in the world (Is that the reason why he cant even make the playoffs when Garnett and Allen were not around yet???) or Rondo who stupidly tried to belittle Chris Paul (as if he is better than CP3).

However, like him or not, I still regret it that he is a Celtic. It foiled my chance at being a seer. And more importantly he made all these haters rise up again when all they can do was cry in silence after game One.

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