Saturday, August 16, 2008

USA vs Spain : Beijing Olympics


I was planning of writing something about this after the game. But I just can't help myself as I am really so excited about it. But I have a very big problem: I might not be able to watch it live... BUMMER!!! BUMMMERRRR!!! BUMMMMEEEERRR!!!! lol

I am going to my future wife's place and staying there for the night. And they have no cable tv so I sure am going to be able to watch the game when it is replayed already, hopefully the next day.

Kobe has been talking about this game since the last NBA post-season. Remember those interviews when he constantly talked about meeting Pau Gasol in Beijing? Now is the preview of that matchup. A preview because I really think these two teams will meet up eventully in the Olympic Basketball Finals although they are on the same grouping.

The Spaniards are power packed also led by the Gasol brothers. Their height might will surely bring in some headaches for Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh. To me that is where the Spanish is going to have a little edge, the middle. However, we all know that Bosh and Chris can always try to stir things up their way. Whew! I can't help but be regretful that I am gonna miss it. I just love my girl so much that is why.

Enough of this.. see you later at the game. On replay that is...


The Men's basketball game today Saturday will be as follows:

Game 1: Greece (1-2) vs. Angola (0-3)
Game 2: Russia (1-2) vs. Australia (1-2)
Game 3: Croatia (2-1) vs. Lithuania (3-0)
Game 4: Iran (0-3) vs. Argentina (2-1)
Game 5: China (1-2) vs. Germany (1-2)
Game 6: USA (3-0) vs. Spain (3-0)

Go Kobe!


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