Tuesday, August 5, 2008

GTA GTA'ed as in Get the Axe


Swooping!!!! That's how I would call it!!!

After the deadly incident involving a GTA and a Thai teen where the 18 year old boy gets to re-live his online gaming illusion by killing a cab driver. The Thai authorities spearheaded by the only legal distributor of games and software in Thailand started to take off the game in Thailand. And they did not stop at that. They even warned people about the types of games they buy. For a company to do that at the behest of its own interest, I give my big props to them. This is such a big deal, not only to the gaming community in Thailand or anywhere else but also to those who are conducting businesses, especially here in Asia.

If only Philippine companies can do the same. Imagine the same thing happening here in the Philippines. Do you think these game distributors in the Philippines will have the conscience to do the same? I tend to think not!


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