Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone 3G

Folks! History has been made. Jonny Boy of Auckland is the very first earthling to own the new iPhone 3G at 8AM EST time zone in The Land Down Under The Land Down Under. As soon as I learned that the new iPhone is going to first come out in New Zealand, I immediately ask my brother who lives there if he can grab one for me. I would love to be the first one to get a hold of the newest ultimate gadget to hit the world. especially if I am here in the Philippines.

Now, I am not really a tech gadget fanatic. In fact the cellphone that I currently have is still my good old 2nd hand Nokia 6600 model which I got from my sister. However, so much talk has been focused on the new iPhone model, I started to crave for it. I thought it is either I will have it or I will give it as a gift to my lovely girlfriend of almost seven years as an anniversary gift this July.

The initial reviews however seem to be dampening the hype, and my craving. Somehow, server glitches are causing too much trouble for the new iPhone pioneer users that they could not even use it to make calls. There seems to be an activation problem. De javu! I thought this happened already before.

However, iPhone 3G is still better than the original iPhone. Features like support for third-party software from the iPhone Apps store, improved GPS capabilities, better 3G wireless network capability and Microsoft exchange server e-mail will sure attract more customers. And the price is really affordable that it is really becoming more of a reality to be bought by the mainstream guys.

The latest news in the country is that it may still take sometime for it to be released. According to Globe, it is still later in the year before iPhone lands at NAIA. So for now, I still am waiting for my big brother to get me one. Go Bro!!!

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