Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rice issue Or Price issue???

The world is in chaos. First the effects of global warming are causing nations to bow out and be subjected to displacements, death and total destructions. The war in Iraq and other Middle Eastern problems causes worldwide implications most specifically in oil prices.

In the Philippines, the never ending rift between pro and anti-glorias caused most Filipinos to be alienated altogether by the contending parties’ utter disregard for the REAL implications of their actions. Heck, even the Church which is supposed to be our last reliable pillar has been dragged and is continually dragging itself into the problem rather than become a source of the solution.

And now!!! Lo and Behold!!! They are saying that there is an issue about rice shortage!!! Yet about this one, I think I may have some reservations.

The first thing that came to my in when I heard this in the news: “For real???”.

I just can’t believe that this has become a problem in a country where the damned revered-worldwide International Rice Research Institute is based. I mean, who could believe such a thing??? Your country has the leading research group about rice and yet still loose rice!!! What a loser!!!

It just so happened I passed by a local dealers’ storage facility and guess what I saw? Two 16 wheeler trucks filled with sacks and sacks and sacks of rice. Is that shortage??? Nope!!! I call that oversupply!!!

So where did all this rice shortage fantasy come from?

It came from the shortage in Price not Rice!!! Simple example about how the Law of Supply and Demand works!!! Very much like oil!!! Now the hoarders are at work because all of these “rice shortage rumors”! Prices are going up just like what the ‘mongers hope would happen.

What can I do? Nothing!!! Why? Because the country is run by the few lucky ones who control the wheeling and dealing of everything nice in this country! Too bad I am in the unlucky group.

I hope these rice traders issue receipt whenever we buy a kilo of rice from them. That is so that there could be a tracking system on whether they really are selling their stacks. How many did they buy and how many did they sell?

They say that stoppage in land conversion is going to solve the issue. Do you think you can stop them land converters when the biggest beneficiary of land conversion is currently sitting as head of the Philippine Senate??? Pray on suckers!!!

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